What do you want from me???

I am interested in what training you want in the next couple of years.

Please take this short survey or comment below.Public Library Administration

As a result of the last survey, we trained to all of the top topics. Here’s what you said, in order by the most requested, and when we offered it:

 # 1. Community support for your library (taught Oct. 06 & March 08, Rural Library Sustainability & Turning the Page)
# 2. Library space planning (taught 4/28/08, Mary Bushing)
# 3. Grant writing (taught 2006-08, 9 sessions, Rose Frost)
# 4. Book Repair (coming 3/09, 3 sessions, Scott Simkins)
# 5. Children’s services (taught March/Apr 08, 2 sessions, Janell Mattheus)
# 6. Long range planning (taught 2007/08, 3 sessions, Colleen Eggett & Rose Frost)

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Colleen Eggett

Colleen Eggett is the Library Resources Program Manager for the Utah State Library in Salt Lake City UT.