Evaluation of the program

The Website in a Box program was evaluated after one year, three years, and five years.

One Year:

The 14 of the 15 libraries had websites of their own that they maintained. One had dropped out. There were about 20 project participants from the 14 remaining libraries. The evaluation showed that they felt the program was extremely useful to their libraries. On a scale of 1-5, this is what they said:

Usefulness of content: 4.80
Instructor’s presentation: 4.80
Instructor’s knowledge of subject matter 4.80
Effectiveness of exercises 4.80
Overall program 4.80

All respondents (100%) said that there was enough opportunity for interaction and participation, and enough variety of training materials.

How you can apply what you’ve learned to your job?

  • Update themes
  • Fixed events
  • Links from other library copied over to mine
  • Image transfers
  • How to update my website
  • How to do statistics
  • I can add a widget
  • I can move a widget (and know what I’m about!)

What other training topics might help you to do your job better?

  • More practice
  • Technical training
  • None


  • Thanks! Tons.
  • The more you come, the more you learn.
  • Shelly is a great instructor. She’s very bright and knows her stuff. She’s also funny and great to work with and be around.

Three Years

At the three year mark, in the fall of 2010, all 14 libraries had active sites through this program. They were asked to move their websites from the one bluehost account to their own server space. Some kept with BlueHost, others went with another vendor. Most followed what their city was doing.

Within a year of termination of the program (fall of 2011), nine were still using their original Website in a Box website; three libraries moved their information to their city’s server space, and two were using their Integrated Library System (online library catalog) as their website, customizing it with the features they needed.

When asked whether they used what they learned at the workshop sessions, where they learned more about website design and content, 100% of the attendees said yes. What attendees said about the program:

  • Website in a Box gave us instant results in that I came home with a website up and running.  It has been a learning process as I continue to update info on the site.
  • Our library now has a website!
  • The Website seemed over whelming but thanks to the great workshops it doesn’t now.
  • We now have a working website; and because of what was taught and the instruction manual given us I know how to make updates.
  • Thanks so much for offering this course.  I think it has really help me.  I could not have created a webpage for the library without it!  I recommend this class to all small and medium sized libraries who do not have a web page but want to create one and don’t know how.
  • My site is great!  We’re having an open house for 2 hours on Saturday to celebrate! Thanks a bunch.
  • I have enjoyed this course and will go to further sessions if offered.
  • I think you cover a lot of information that can help many of us.  We are all varied in our needs; so that is great.  I always take it all in and go home and improve in the areas that are right in front of me.
  • Thank you for offering these classes and bringing in such great people to help us brain storm and come up with new fun and creative ways to incorporate these ideas.
  • Training is MUCH appreciated.  Services are continually improved at our library because of knowledge gained at these workshops.
  • In our small library we are always trying to improve our website and make things more accessible for our patrons.  I don’t know much about how to make websites and design them.  It was a great workshop and I was able to take the information and share it with my co-workers.
Suggestions for improvement:
  • For the website in a box training, I need very specific click by click instructions.
  • I’m a bit dense and need more follow-up.  Maybe a web class.  I have forgotten a few of the things I learned.
  • The training is great.  If anything there is too much information and not enough time to learn it.

Five Years

Of the 14 websites, 2 years after the project was completed (Fall, 2012), nine had kept their original sites. Of the other five libraries, three had adopted a space on their city’s server and two had used their Integrated Library System (online library catalog) as their website.

Among the nine active websites, they continue to maintain the sites on their own. Some of the sites have changed dramatically; others have kept the same look and feel as they had during the active program. If they have changed their look dramatically, they have done so by hiring a web designer, or getting someone in the community to help out.

Program participants contact the State Library occasionally to ask questions on more complex issues. Having attended many training sessions in the past, they feel confident that they can maintain their sites. Here is their evaluation of the program, done in January 2013:


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