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Website Planning Worksheet

What was required of us


  • Willingness to learn
  • Basic computing skills
  • Take time to attend the training sessions
  • Decide on the look, feel, and content of their site
  • Commitment to maintaining their site
  • Pay for hosting after 2 years

Project Manager’s Role- Utah State Library, Colleen Eggett

  • Working with librarians: getting libraries enrolled, helping them decide on urls, lining up training or training them herself, helping them problem-solve things such as getting more email accounts, finding lost passwords, etc.
  • Provide web hosting for 2-3 years
  • Getting increased exposure for library websites. She sent in the sites to Orangesoda and submitted the sites to 40+ search engines through Bluehost. She also put the sites on Utah State Library webpage.
  • Handling statistics: sending a link for the websites statistics to the librarians and showing them how to use them.
  • Working with vendors: BCR, Bluehost, WordPress.
  • Payment and approval within the Utah State Library for the project.
  • Provide additional training for librarians who could not attend in-person sessions to get their website up.
  • Ongoing technical support for the 3 years, and for the years following, on a limited basis. She was the first contact point, if she could not answer the question or did not have time, she referred it to BCR until 2010. Since then, she has handled the few remaining questions herself.

Website Consultant’s Role – BCR, Shelly Drumm

  • Develop a template for all of the library websites, including lining up vendors and customizing products for the project.
  • Develop widgets for frequently used resources such as access to the statewide databases (Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library).
  • Provide in-person training initially, and every six months for the duration of the program (3 years).
  • Provide offsite technical support and consulting via email or phone.

The price for the project for building and hosting 15 websites for 3 years including all of the training was under $10,000. This included web hosting fees, domain name fees for each site, training sessions, consulting services from BCR, mileage reimbursement for attendees, and all start-up costs.

There was no cost to participants for the first three years; each library signed a memorandum of agreement stating that they would maintain their website after that.

Initial Session Training Agenda

Held two locations: Salt Lake City & St. George UT, 9 AM- 4 PM

  1. Overview of WordPress: Fundamentals of good web design; Understanding Presentation & Content; Understanding Posts v. Pages; Understanding Widgets
  2. Customizing your site Part 1: General Setup:  Determining a Homepage; Choosing a theme
  3. Writing content
  4. Using Widgets
  5. Understanding and using Plugins
  6. Discussion and individual work on content building, allowing time for one on one discussions re: individual site needs

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