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Training through Utah State Library: The programs, the results

Here is an update on training through the Utah State Library recently.

First of all, the Utah State Library’s Needs assessment for 2014-16 is underway. Be sure to be a part of this and tell us what you’d like to learn, or what you can contribute.

Our recent training topics:USL training

  • Strategic planning
  • Turning the Page 2.0 advocacy
  • Cataloging and Tech Services
  • Hottest social software
  • RDA Cataloging
  • Library Policy

There is a collection of webinars on our training blog. View USL’s on-demand webinars

Register for upcoming training:

  • Build-A-Lab (Makerspaces)
  • Uplift Youth Services
  • Children’s Literature
  • Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library
  • More

top 10 Top 10 learning needs for 2014-16

  1. Serving teens and tweens (65.7% said they wanted this topic)
  2. Customer Satisfaction (62.9%)
  3. Technology: Creative uses of the internet (61.4%)
  4. Alternatives to traditional Summer Reading events (61.4%)
  5. Marketing Library programing (60.7%)
  6. Special programming for families, adults, and seniors (58.8%)
  7. Technology for customers: Downloadables, Makerspaces (56.4%)
  8. Finding out what your community wants (54.3%)
  9. Measuring customer usage and satisfaction (52.1%)
  10. Social media to promote and market the library (51.4%)

How we are doing:

  • 86% usLibrary Training Satisfactioned what they learned last year
  • Want more training, closer to home
  • In-person training is first choice, followed by (2) live online, (3) on-demand webinars, (4) books/printed materials

Comments  about the training program:

  • USL covers a nice variety of training and has a good mix between face-to-face training and online training/webinars.
  • Trainings have been relevant to library management and current library trends. I think that the Uplift Courses are an asset to the state.
  • I always come away from a training event super charged and full of new ideas. It’s not just the training but the interaction with other librarians that starts the creative juices flowing. The presenters are always very knowledgeable and dynamic…good job!
  • Thursdays with Pioneer are great. I love that they are recorded and can be watched anytime.
  • I am so impressed with all the training you have been offering, both in-person and online. Thank you for archiving and making past webinars available. Thank you for a wide variety of topics, both cutting edge and what every librarian should know. You offer really terrific training opportunities.
  • Making training available to library staff who would otherwise not have the opportunity to increase their skills.

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Colleen Eggett

Colleen Eggett is the Library Resources Program Manager for the Utah State Library in Salt Lake City UT.