Trading Spaces: Utah Library Mentoring program

Trading Spaces is a mentoring program designed to enable Utah library staff to learn skills from each other. Library workers sign up for the program, get approved, and then work with their mentor on a specific project that might lead their library in positive directions. Complete details are on the Utah State Library websitetrading spaces

Apply by filling out the application form or applying online:

To be mentored: mentee application

To become a mentor: mentor application

Goals of the program:

  • Developing 21st century skills for all Utah library staff
  • Finding new ways of doing things and solving problems
  • Sharing expertise through collaboration and networking
  • Supporting newcomers to Utah libraries

Mentors are matched with applicants by Trading Spaces Committee members. There will be an opening session to explain the program and discuss the mentoring relationship. At that time, applicants will be matched with mentors and develop an action plan. The program goes from July 1-June 30, with application deadlines twice a year: June 30 and Dec. 31. Meetings should be planned based on the scope of the project. They may take place in person, by phone, or online.

You may apply for a:

  • Compact program (1-8 hours of instruction)
  • Mid-sized program (2-5 days spread over time)
  • Luxury program (2-6 month commitment)
  • Custom built program (tbd by participants)

Who might request a mentor?

Any library staff member that wants to learn new skills, with the approval of their manager or library director.

Why request a mentor?

  • Mentors can share advice on professional development and specific library functions
  • Mentors can help you get involved at local and statewide levels
  • Mentors can offer different perspectives

Why be a mentor?

  • Expand your resume/ cv
  • Increase your job satisfaction by helping others grow professionally
  • Develop your communication and teaching skills
  • Pass on your professional legacy
  • Increase your library’s visibility and value to the community

Guidelines for Participants

  • Decide in advance what goals you would like to accomplish
  • Apply online or by filling out the print application
  • Value and take advantage of this opportunity
  • Evaluate your experience at the conclusion

Guidelines for Mentors

  • Have working knowledge and experience in the library profession and be willing to share that with others
  • Apply to the committee to become a mentor
  • Indicate your areas of expertise
  • Receive a mentor certificate upon completion


  • To offset expenses and encourage collaboration, Utah State Library offers a grant available to institutions that provide mentors
Time commitment Funding level
1-8 hours of instruction $100
2-5 days spread over time $250
2-6 month commitment $1000
tbd by participants tbd; advance approval required
  • Upon pre-approval, Utah State Library will pay a scholarship of $150 which should be used for any costs incurred while participating in the program
  • Expenses incurred over the above rates will be the responsibility of the individual or their library

Trading Spaces Committee 2010/11:

Britton Lund, Washington County Library
Colleen Eggett, Utah State Library
Jason Cornelius, Logan Library
Jennifer Fay, SL County Library
Linda Fields, Richfield Library
Lynn Darrough-Walton, SL County Library
Ruby Cheesman, Utah Library Assoc. President / SL County Library
Safi Safiullah, SL City Public Library
Steve Decker, Cedar City Library
Susan Hamada, SL County Library

Contact: Colleen Eggett, Utah State Library Training Coordinator/ Consultant

(801) 715-6776 or (800) 662-9150 x776 (Utah toll-free)

Published by

Colleen Eggett

Colleen Eggett is the Library Resources Program Manager for the Utah State Library in Salt Lake City UT.