Thanks for the NetLibrary training

Hey Colleen:

Wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the Netlibrary seminar I attended Nov 4 online was really really helpful.  I learned a bunch  of new stuff on Netlibrary — how much is now available for Ipods, the different consoles available to download to computers, directly to Ipods and MP3 players and netbooks using the minimal program, how to search by narrator (something some of our patrons rave about), how to find helpful cheat sheets, that Ebsco had bought Netlibrary and that they’ll have a new downloading deal next spring.  And lots more.   I immediately wrote a column for the Reaper, our newspaper, about how many more e-audiobooks can now be downloaded to MP3s and Ipods.  We’ve got some patrons asking for training on e-audiobooks, including such folks as local truckers, a member of our library board,  and one of local night guards who drives around the jail all night.   I am hounding Linda to encourage every librarian on staff to actually DO a download so they can understand the process.