Demoing WP’s new gallery feature for media management

Nice stuff! I think this might solve a few questions some of you have asked about inserting images (Lyn, I’m looking at you!).   Can’t wait to teach you folks this in a few weeks!

(And please excuse the gratuitous BCR plug – i don’t have a lot of images on my hard drive!)


A Slideshow of Success!

Take a look at what your colleagues are up to! Click on any image to get started, and then the “Next” link below that image to see what’s next. (Really, this is just because Shelly just discovered a great new plugin for displaying images that she thinks you folks will like!)

Update: I found another cool feature of this plugin – the NextGen Gallery by Alex Rabe – Scroll down to see the Polaroids! Double click on any pic there to get started.

Workshop Sept. 9th 2008

Ready for the next workshop? We are! We’ll be getting together at the State Library in SLC on Sept. 9th 2008. During the day we’ll go over some minor changes to WP (we’ll be upgrading to the newest version of the software around that time!), and there will still be plenty of one-on-one design time. Mark your calendars!