How to add a mailto link

Sometimes, you want to give your users the option of generating an email to you just by clicking on a link from your email address, like this: Doing that is easy!

In a post or page:

  • Highlight the word or address you want to become the link
  • Click on the “Insert/edit Link” icon in the toolbar (looks like a chain link)
  • In the “Link URL” box, delete the http://, and instead type in the following:
  • Type in a link title
  • and Insert the link! WordPress generates the HTML code for you.

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Commonly asked questions

How do I get into my email account associated with this website?

go to, or whatever your website address is (ex: . Enter your username and password in the pop-up box. Then another box appears. Put in your complete email address and password in that box. EX:, then your password again. You’re in!