Salt Lake 2002 Paralympics: right…right…right…right….

Paralympics 2002
Salt Lake Paralympic Games  March 9, 2002, Snow Basin ski resort


Right…right…right…right…       Left..left…left…left….

Those words rang out to the 114 blind kids and their parents or family members at the Salt Lake 2002 Paralympic Games at Snow Basin Ski Resort on March 9, 2002. All of the children had a reading disability that prevented them from reading regular-sized print. Some had been blind from birth, others had some vision, yet not enough to make reading a regular-sized print book work out. All were from Utah or Wyoming and some had come in from very long distances.

It was just so great that the kids that needed it the most–those that may be able to participate in the Paralympic games in the future–were able to attend. They experienced being there when others who were also blind were speeding downhill. The right..right…right…left…left…left…were the instructions that the coach to a blind skier said as they guided their Paralympic star down the steep course.

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Trading Spaces: Utah Library Mentoring program

Trading Spaces is a mentoring program designed to enable Utah library staff to learn skills from each other. Library workers sign up for the program, get approved, and then work with their mentor on a specific project that might lead their library in positive directions. Complete details are on the Utah State Library websitetrading spaces

Apply by filling out the application form or applying online:

To be mentored: mentee application

To become a mentor: mentor application

Goals of the program:

  • Developing 21st century skills for all Utah library staff
  • Finding new ways of doing things and solving problems
  • Sharing expertise through collaboration and networking
  • Supporting newcomers to Utah libraries

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Connecting to Collections Town Hall

The results of our recent statewide Connecting to Collections Preservation Assessment are now compiled and a final report defining the State of Preservation in Utah has been drafted by Tom Clareson, our consultant on this project.

Everyone with a vested interest in the long-term health of collections in Utah is now invited to attend a Town Hall Meeting. This Town Hall Meeting will give you an opportunity to hear from our consultant about the survey results and discuss with the Connecting to Collections Steering Committee possible next steps for improving preservation in Utah. The Town Hall Meetings are scheduled for:

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Help for the technophobic librarian

Today’s class on Help for the Technophobic Librarian was fun! We talked about all things techie, with folks that have patrons in every day doing techie things. Library directors and others who are interested in technology came to the event.  Some takeaways:

Our patrons are doing 2.0 things every day on our computers. Are our librarians in the 2000’s or are we back in 1999?

Thomas Friedman said, “It’s all about how you horizontalize. It’s who addresses this clean power challenge the best that will find the most productivity.”  Thomas Friedman, \”The world is flat 3.0\”

We need to realize that it’s the masses of people who are deciding how businesses run and even the libraries. We need to “learn it or die” as one attendee said.  After all, “the people in the library are doing it like crazy,” continued another librarian.

Utah Photos in Online Government Digital Libraries

MoabAre you in need of that perfect Utah photo for your library website?   Did you know that U.S. Federal government agencies offer some of the richest collections of photos relating to Utah?  If you rely on Google Images for finding photos of Utah, you’re missing the big picture.     

The Bureau of Land Management, for example, has recently launched an enhanced version of their BLM Photo Library, Continue reading Utah Photos in Online Government Digital Libraries