Mission Possible

By Samantha Hastings, West Jordan Library

            The Uplift Grant allowed me to take the Advanced Management of Information Agencies online course through the University of North Texas.  The main focus of the course was the strategic planning process,  including: library vision statements, library mission statements, conducting information audits, and creating a strategic plan.  This brief article will focus on rethinking library mission statements and strategic planning strategies.

Does each member of your library staff know your library’s vision and/or mission?  Joseph R. Matthews (2005) explains that “In most cases, these mission statements are too lengthy and don’t really get to the heart of the library’s mission.  Too often these statements erroneously include processes that the library uses to deliver its mission” (16).   A good mission statement, according to Matthews, could be printed on a T-shirt (16).  A good mission statement is meaningful and memorable.  According to Scott Beagrie (2005), a mission statement should inspire employees to accomplish or to work toward organizational goals.

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