Training through Utah State Library: The programs, the results

Here is an update on training through the Utah State Library recently.

First of all, the Utah State Library’s Needs assessment for 2014-16 is underway. Be sure to be a part of this and tell us what you’d like to learn, or what you can contribute.

Our recent training topics:USL training

  • Strategic planning
  • Turning the Page 2.0 advocacy
  • Cataloging and Tech Services
  • Hottest social software
  • RDA Cataloging
  • Library Policy

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UPLIFT grant: Utah Library Assoc. Conference

Utah Library Association received an UPLIFT Organizational Resource grant from the Utah State Library in 2009. About 400 librarians and library enthusiasts attended the annual conference, “Utah Libraries: Turning up the Volume.”

Four presenters were sponsored, in whole or in part, by the grant:

  • Norma Blake, NJ State Librarian, LJ 2008 Librarian of the Year, ULA keynote speaker, “Libraries Surviving Tough Times”
  • Joyce Saricks, “What we didn’t learn in library school”
  • Celia Ross, “Making sense of business reference”
  • Grace Mary Gouveia, “Collecting and supporting local history”

Here’s what attendees said about the programs:

Confidence building
Exceedingly interesting
She (Joyce Saricks) was amazing.
Great ideas and how-to with a small staff
Dr. Gouveia was very interesting–good choice for a presenter
I will share this info with my library’s other reference librarian
I can serve our community’s needs better because of this training
Norma gave a wonderful presentation about coping in today’s world
Celia was great! Excellent speaker with great useful information and sources
I enjoyed learning from this very knowledgeable and competent presenter. She is very good at explaining complex info in an understandable way. I would recommend her returning in the future for additional presentations.

What do you want from me???

I am interested in what training you want in the next couple of years.

Please take this short survey or comment below.Public Library Administration

As a result of the last survey, we trained to all of the top topics. Here’s what you said, in order by the most requested, and when we offered it:

 # 1. Community support for your library (taught Oct. 06 & March 08, Rural Library Sustainability & Turning the Page)
# 2. Library space planning (taught 4/28/08, Mary Bushing)
# 3. Grant writing (taught 2006-08, 9 sessions, Rose Frost)
# 4. Book Repair (coming 3/09, 3 sessions, Scott Simkins)
# 5. Children’s services (taught March/Apr 08, 2 sessions, Janell Mattheus)
# 6. Long range planning (taught 2007/08, 3 sessions, Colleen Eggett & Rose Frost)

Competencies for your staff

American Library Association Annual Conference–2008

Friday, June 27, 2008, 8:30 – 5:00 pm

Competencies for Your Staff: From Implementation to Integration  and Implementing a Staff Development Plan

 Summarized by: Safi S. M. Safiullah, Reference Librarian, The Salt Lake City Public Library System

The speakers discussed how to prepare a successful staff development day to train competent staff for the libraries. The staff is the foundation of the library; individuals need to improve their skills in technology and customer services in order to serve the public better. Therefore, it is important to measure their skills. The speakers discussed various methods for measuring skills. One of the methods was to organize a conversation café, either quarterly or bi-monthly, where staff will sit in a circle, get to know each other, exchange their knowledge through casual conversation, discuss issues with others, and propagate their success stories. Library management also can send a memo with a questionnaires or surveys to staff to assess their knowledge in various skills such as software packages, listening skills, telephone courtesy, and reference and customer services. The staff will have a chance to rate them as low, moderate or high in each category. Other assessment can also be done by interviewing individual staff, reviewing their performance plans, and observing their skills in the workplace. Continue reading Competencies for your staff

Professional Excellence grant, July 2008

 By Adam Winger, Utah State University Library

As part of my education in the Library Science program from the University of North Texas I enrolled in a class titled Academic Libraries.  The Utah State Library Professional Excellence Grant financially supported my efforts for the class, for which I am very grateful.  The Academic Libraries class instructed me in the variety of services and resources that many academic libraries provide.  I learned much about government repositories, such as the Merrill-Cazier Library in which I work.  I also learned about many of the current technological trends such as Radio Frequency Identification tags used for organization and inventory of library collections. 

The Academic Libraries class helped to inform me about the many things occurring in modern academic libraries.  The knowledge will continue to evolve over time but I have gained a sound base upon which I may build my career as a professional librarian within the academic community.