Volunteers have been synonymous with libraries – but have things changed?

Volunteers in libraries have been a long standing tradition but recently my review of our policies and practices in this area, as well as a review of state law, have caused me to wonder if we are not balancing on the edge of a dangerous precipice.

State statute 67-20-1 deals with volunteers in government.  It seems to indicate that treating volunteers as a fun, casual opportunity that benefits the library is a thing of the past.  Volunteers have to be treated like employees.  The obligations and responsibilities are significant.  Here is the text of this statute for your consideration.

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Your Chance to Brief the President

This is the coolest idea I’ve seen from government in some time.  You’ve probably heard of the Daily Briefing Book that is prepared for the president by his experts and advisors.  The Obama-Biden Transition Team have created something better. It’s called the  Citizen’s Briefing Book.  It’s a collection of the best-rated ideas for the new president from ordinary citizens like you.

Citizen’s Briefing Book:  http://citizensbriefingbook.change.gov

Simply log-in and submit your idea.  Your fellow citizens will rate your idea, comment on what you’ve said, and the best ideas will float to the top.  These will be gathered and delivered to President Obama after he is sworn in.

For example: “Libraries of all types need our support

The collection can be searched, browsed, and sorted by most popular and most recent submissions.

How about we implement something like this locally to gather the best ideas from our citizens for bettering library services?