Professional Excellence grant, July 2008

 By Adam Winger, Utah State University Library

As part of my education in the Library Science program from the University of North Texas I enrolled in a class titled Academic Libraries.  The Utah State Library Professional Excellence Grant financially supported my efforts for the class, for which I am very grateful.  The Academic Libraries class instructed me in the variety of services and resources that many academic libraries provide.  I learned much about government repositories, such as the Merrill-Cazier Library in which I work.  I also learned about many of the current technological trends such as Radio Frequency Identification tags used for organization and inventory of library collections. 

The Academic Libraries class helped to inform me about the many things occurring in modern academic libraries.  The knowledge will continue to evolve over time but I have gained a sound base upon which I may build my career as a professional librarian within the academic community. 

A Slideshow of Success!

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Website in a Box at the MPLA / ULA Conference

Small libraries frequently face quite a challenge when it comes to getting their library represented on the Web. Lack of technical skills (and the time to develop them!), lack of funds, and lack of certainty of how to begin are common barriers for many librarians trying to create a web presence for their libraries and their community. In 2007, the Utah State Library teamed up with BCR in an attempt to find a sustainable solution to this problem for the state’s many small libraries. Join us to discuss our approach to this common dilemma, to take a peek at some of the websites that came out of the project, and to hear from some of the librarians involved.

Come and hear Colleen Eggett of the Utah State Library, Shelly Drumm of BCR, and Public Library directors in Utah discuss this project. Location: Hilton Hotel in Salt Lake City UT, Lower Level Salon 1. See more about the conference: