Outcomes based training for libraries

Yesterday I went to a very interesting training sponsored by UALC:  Outcomes based measurement by Julie Todaro. She did a great job. There were many people there (maybe 100) from academic libraries in Utah. It was kind of fun to catch up with some of my old “cronies” from when I used to work at Primary. I miss all of those people a lot and wish I did more to connect with them. They always felt like friends to me (and still do).

It reminded me of the time I spent one week in DC doing OBE with the IMLS. I enjoyed that training as well. I went with Rose Frost and Juan Lee. It was a lot of fun.  Rose and I got split up on the metro one night. She went one way and I went another but we finally both got back to the hotel in one piece. Actully the IMLS training was very well done and really taught me alot on the topic. It was one week vs one day, and was so good. Much more in depth, actually.

This fall I plan to teach long range planning training to public library directors in Utah. I will use what I learned from Todaro, what I learned in DC, and what I learned from Sandra Nelson for the training. It will be based on the Planning for Results by Sandra Nelson.  It all has to do with good, meaningful reporting of what people want to accomplish in their libraries. I’ll have the training schedule up pretty soon, probably in 3 locations in Utah, and hope to get Craig Neilson and maybe others from USL to help out on the instruction. People have been calling me and emailing me about when it will start so I know there’s high interest among Utah library directors. When it’s posted you can register online at http://library.utah.gov/workshops

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Colleen Eggett

Colleen Eggett is the Library Resources Program Manager for the Utah State Library in Salt Lake City UT.