iPod audiobooks for free through Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library

I’m so excited! I got a new iPod the other day and it’s pretty sweet if I must say so myself. I wanted to listen to a book while doing other stuff, so I went to Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library and jumped on the Overdrive link. I logged in and found a book I’ve been hankering to read for some time: Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder.

It would have cost:

$8.89 on Kindle

$21.00 on Audible.com

$23.95 on iTunes

But I got it for free, compliments of Pioneer: Utah’s Online Library, which is partnered by Utah State Library and the Public Libraries in Utah. That’s why a person in any part of Utah can go to Pioneer, compliments of their local public library, and get downloadable audiobooks and ebooks at no cost to them.

It was painless to use, easier than ever before due to recent changes in the Overdrive platform. Utah State Library will be having training soon on how to use this service. Check our website to register.

Published by

Colleen Eggett

Colleen Eggett is the Library Resources Program Manager for the Utah State Library in Salt Lake City UT.