My favorite things about ARSL Conference

Danielle Rasmussen, Director of the Garland Public Library in Utah, shares her thoughts about the ARSL conference she attended in Raleigh NC in Sept. 2012. She received a grant from the Utah State Library to attend.


I went to “A Model for a New World” with Molly Rogers and Lyn Hopper and they talked about re-inventing libraries, how to provide great service to our patrons, shrinking budgets with greater demands for services, and how to do more with less.

One of the things that made an impact on me was the way they had an open discussion among all the libraries. We learned more about what we are all going through and how each of us deals with different budget issues and morale.

We learned how to decipher the core values at our library and what our timeless purpose is. The workbook they provided gave me a lot of insight into things that need to be changed in our library. All in all it was a great class.

I loved all the programming ideas I received. I learned how to do Google Docs for the library. There were in-depth ideas for story time that I never would have thought of and very useful websites that I can go to for additional ideas.

The Teen programming offered a lot of insights on how we can better our teen program with lock ins, remembering what they like to read, encouraging their talents, feeding them, collaborations, care for them, and tons of forms of media that I can use in the future to promote programs at the library.

The keynote speakers were all amazing, such as: Julie Hildebrand, Susan Hildreth, Margaret Maron, and Dr. Ron Carlee. Just from listening to them talk we are now inspired to look into applying for the Best Small Library in America Grant.

The vendors were great. I met a lot of representatives from companies that I would have never met on my own. I signed up for the Geek the Library Campaign which I love and have already received a bag from them to get started.

My favorite thing about the conference was meeting all of the other librarians from all over the United States. I really enjoyed getting to know them, talking to them about our favorite books, shopping with them, eating with them, seeing what does and does not work at their libraries, sharing book lists to better our circulation, and emailing ideas back and forth.

Thank you so much to the Utah State Library for making this once in a lifetime experience possible. I will never forget what I learned and the new friends that I have made. I hope to bring the great things I learned back to the Garland Public Library.

Danielle Rasmussen
Director: Garland Public Library