The ARSL conference was really an “eye-opener” for me

I was able to attend the ARSL conference for the very first time this year with the help of the UPLIFT Professional Excellence Grant.   I would like to give a big thank you to the Utah State Library for awarding me this honor.

The conference was really an “eye-opener” for me.  I was able to connect with other librarians dealing with issues similar to mine.  I attending many classes that gave me information I felt would benefit my library and our patrons.  I enjoyed the ideas and camaraderie with the other librarians.
I found that the classes were tailored specifically for small libraries on a budget and the ideas received from ALL of the classes I was able to attend were things I could actually implement reasonably quickly.  I didn’t feel like I was gathering bits & pieces of a class and trying to tailor it my own library.
I did learn that we have not had enough staff training on safety.  I attended a class called “The Black Belt Librarian” and was amazed that I hadn’t thought about more training on this subject!  I realized that even though we are small and a bit off the beaten track, we should think of training on all levels so that we are always prepared no matter what.

I am grateful that I was given this opportunity to attend this conference and am planning on adding it to my budget to attend in the future.  For any of the small libraries in Utah, THIS is the conference to attend!

Michele Graves
Director, Eagle Mountain Public Library