Finding (Legally Safe) Music and Videos for Presentations, Blogs and Podcasts

Your library has been creating content for websites and blogs for years, and now it’s moving into adding sounds, songs and video. You know just what type of clip you want, but have an uneasy feeling about its copyright status. Do you have a right to use it? Is there podsafe content you can use?

This webinar helps you analyze the legal rights attached to sounds, songs and video you find online and offline. It will walk you through safer approaches to using audiovisual content you want to use to make your podcasts sing!

At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:

• Understand the concept of podsafe music and sounds

• Identify at least three good sources

• Be familiar with best practices in evaluating Fair Use when using video and audio

• Know what to ask for when requesting permission from copyright owners

This webinar is also of use to reference staff who field questions from the public about copyright issues.

Speaker: Mary Minow, attorney, consultant, and a former librarian and library trustee. Mary has taught library law at the San Jose State School of Library Science.  She was President on the board of CALTAC in 2002, the California Association of Library Trustees and Commissioners, and now serves as its Policy Analyst. Mary is the first recipient of the California Library Association’s Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award, given in 2004.

Archived webinar:

Free online training in May for librarians

May 13,  10-11 am Mountain Time:  Leading in Difficult Times (SirsiDynix Institute)

As a library system director I get asked for advice regularly, but in the last few months the requests have been growing louder. How do I control the fear, what is leadership in tough times all about, why is inaction not an option this time around? Join Kitty Pope as she walks through the process and the message which is all about hope and courage.  Register:

May 13, 12-1 pm Mountain Time: Push, Pull, Delight: My Library, My Collection, My Expert (Library Journal Webinar)

Push, Pull, Delight features a panel of collection, outreach and marketing experts who will discuss methods being used in their libraries to deepen and extend services and collections to patrons with ever growing expectations, and information appetites. Register:

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The rural library of the future

At the Utah Library Association Conference 2009, we had a session, “Rural Library Reach-IMGP1102out.”

Attendees sat at a table, ate good food, and talked about the rural library of the future. Here’s what we said:

What we need to do now to move into the future:

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web 2.0 training going on right now at USL

Some of the comments:

Now we’re getting into the over my head stuff

It’s a strange thing

Can connect with your kids through facebook

How much do you allow in your library?

Kids communicate to find “cheats” for their games online

Need faster better computers for the games to play right in the library

At least in my library, gaming is noisy.

As we grow and change, the more services we offer at a library the more people come into it. Why should we be the nazi librarian and say they cannot play games?

There’s my blog. Haaaaah!

Law Library Celebrates National Library Week

In commemoration of National Library Week, the Utah State Law Library will be offering a number of classes and tours at the Matheson Courthouse (April 13-16, 2009).

Introduction to Resources for Self-Represented Parties

The class introduces the resources available for people representing themselves in court, including how to find an attorney, legal clinics, forms, the Online Court Assistance Program and other resources. The presentation will be followed by a tour of the Utah State Law Library introducing the print and electronic resources available.

  • Monday, April 13th 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, April 15th 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

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