Training through Utah State Library: The programs, the results

Here is an update on training through the Utah State Library recently.

First of all, the Utah State Library’s Needs assessment for 2014-16 is underway. Be sure to be a part of this and tell us what you’d like to learn, or what you can contribute.

Our recent training topics:USL training

  • Strategic planning
  • Turning the Page 2.0 advocacy
  • Cataloging and Tech Services
  • Hottest social software
  • RDA Cataloging
  • Library Policy

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The Rural Library Trustee: Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships

How do library trustees get trained?
How are director and trustee roles defined to ensure a healthy library organization?
How are trustee relationships cultivated both in and outside the library circle?
Listen to an archived webinar that explores these and other questions related to library trustees. The session provides you with practical ideas and tactical strategies to support and advocate for your library organization as a trustee, or library director in a small or rural community.

View the full archive, slides, and more

This webinar was brought to you by ARSL (Association for Rural and Small Libraries) and featured presenters:
Sally Gardner Reed, Executive Director ALTAFF (Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations)
Kim Armentrout, Library of Virginia
Jim Minges, Director of the Northeast Kansas Library System

Trading Spaces: Utah Library Mentoring program

Trading Spaces is a mentoring program designed to enable Utah library staff to learn skills from each other. Library workers sign up for the program, get approved, and then work with their mentor on a specific project that might lead their library in positive directions. Complete details are on the Utah State Library websitetrading spaces

Apply by filling out the application form or applying online:

To be mentored: mentee application

To become a mentor: mentor application

Goals of the program:

  • Developing 21st century skills for all Utah library staff
  • Finding new ways of doing things and solving problems
  • Sharing expertise through collaboration and networking
  • Supporting newcomers to Utah libraries

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Build your audience like a virus experience

So I’m sitting here in “Build your audience like a virus” training presented by Victoria Rasmussen of UEN. She has some great ideas. She’s talking about the pros and cons of the different social medias like blogging, facebook, twitter, text messaging, youtube. I’m thinking about whether USL can use youtube to share some of the training experiences that we offer.
There’s another session of this training in Richfield next week. You can sign up on our website:

What’s new in Medline Plus?

MedlinePlus (, the authoritative online consumer health resource from the National Library of Medicine, has many great new features to help you locate appropriate materials that meet the unique needs of your community. The site, which debuted in 1998 with 22 health topics, now boasts over 800 topics and many new enhancements:

Enhanced Searching

MedlinePlus has new search capabilities to improve your searches. Results now have relevancy rankings and are sorted into two subsets: collections and clusters. “Collections” help you narrow your search by displaying results in 7 content areas. “Clusters” organize your search results into groups based on the most frequent words in the top 200 results.  The “remix” button displays the next cluster. You can target your search with phrase searching and Boolean logic.  “AND” is the default operator, for everything else use OR, NOT, -, +, and the wildcard *. MedlinePlus was designed to be user friendly, providing a variety of search mechanisms to meet different search styles. Many elements are repeated throughout the site helping users learn to search quickly.

SEARCH TIP: Do you want to know what the hot topics are in MedlinePlus? Just click on the Search Cloud link on the lower right sidebar from the homepage—this displays the top 100 search terms entered into the MedlinePlus search box. The cloud is updated every weekday, with results appearing in alphabetical order and the larger the text size, the more often the term has been searched. Place your cursor over the search term to find out the exact ranking.

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