Cache County Library study

Cache County government did a feasibility study this past year to decide whether to consolidate into a county-wide system.  While there are difficult issues to overcome,  the benefits far outweigh the risks. In the long run, patrons can benefit from the increased number of books and materials available, staff can benefit from an increased network for training and support. It just may move literacy forward in some exciting ways.

Logan City remains supportive of the creation of a Cache County Library System. Jay Monson, chairman of the Countywide Library System Committee, says that “the Logan City Council and mayor hope that the Cache County Council and administration will lead in this endeavor. The beginnings of a system would certainly be a major step forward and far better than no system at all.”  Jay talks about a quasi-countywide system  as a possible first step. That’s a great idea imho. There is a lot of info on their blog.

Though the task may seem insurmountable at first blush, Cache County should think about how to make it work even though they may not start on opening day with all the pieces that other library systems have taken years to develop.  That, too, will come.