Digital Book Index: pure delight

Today I practically stumbled upon something so massive it’s amazing I didn’t bump into it digital book indexearlier. The Digital Book Index is a meta-indexing project that provides links to over 165,000 full-text digital books, the vast majority of them free, though some come with a fee.

Some of their key topics are:

Arts:   Art & graphic arts, architecture, dance, decorative arts, costume, theatre & drama, music, photography, film & video
Children’s Books:   Contemporary & classic children’s books and stories
History:   American, English, Irish, European, Asian, African, local and regional histories
Law:   US Constitutional history, state constitutions, treaties, state statues & laws, legal ethics rules, copyright, and consumer information.
Literature:   Ranging from Chaucer & other medieval texts to modern, contemporary fiction
Math & Sciences:   Mathematics, astronomy, biology, botany & zoology, genetics, chemistry, physics, engineering, electronics, & computer science
Medicine & Health:   For professionals and patients including anatomy, radiology, infectious diseases, surgery, oncology, dentistry, and more
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How to Use BookMyne for State Publications Delivery

Google doesn’t have it all. That’s even true when it comes to finding government documents that are in the public domain free of copyright. Many governments documents not on the Internet are only available in print at depository libraries and archives. They are often difficult to identify in online catalogs, and when finally identified, it may require some traveling to gain access to them.

I’m going to share a nifty new application called BookMyne that, at least for Utah, may allow you to find documents in seconds. If you’re a state employee, the State Library will even have them delivered to your office.

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Become a Utah iTunes Library

Yesterday I posted what I thought was an original idea to use the iTunes store to provide access to library multimedia collections.  I’m embarrassed. Apple is way ahead of me on this.

Apple announced back on May 30, 2007 their hosted iTunes U portal.   The concept, which started at Duke University, is that universities and other institutions of learning could post courseware for students to enhance their collegiate learning experience.   All content would be free without digital rights management.  The Disruptive Library Technology Jester at OhioLINK immediately grasped the potential and power of using iTunes as a delivery platform to provide access to collections.

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Utah Photos in Online Government Digital Libraries

MoabAre you in need of that perfect Utah photo for your library website?   Did you know that U.S. Federal government agencies offer some of the richest collections of photos relating to Utah?  If you rely on Google Images for finding photos of Utah, you’re missing the big picture.     

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