Placemaking at your library

The Utah State Library sponsored the most useful, most fun class in September, at both the Provo Library and lightingthe State Library. Traci Lesneski of Meyer, Scherer, and Rockcastle Ltd. came and presented on “Placemaking at your Library.” She was so great! She has tons of insight into what makes the interior of libraries more patron friendly. Here are the slides she presented.

Here’s what she talked about:

  • Changing expectations of library users and its impact on library design
  • Principles of Placemaking and how it relates to a library user’s experience
  • 10 Steps to a better library interior
  • Recent library projects and what people are doing now

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Medieval Hand Papermaker to lecture in SLC Oct 18th

Some days I just get tired of all the new age talk, the 21st century hype. That’s one reason that when I got the message from Randy Silverman about a Medieval Hand Papermaking lecture by Jacques Brejoux I was genuinely thrilled. Something new (OK only new to me) in the library world.

Do not miss this stellar opportunity to hear one of the world’s great hand papermakers discuss his contributions to the advancement of the craft. His papers are dearly prized by conservators such as Christopher Clarkson for use in paper case bindings.

With more than 30 years experience exploring the craft of hand papermaking in Puymoyen, France (where paper was first made in 1539), Jacques Brejoux recently completed a full-scale set of medieval stampers to prepare pulp and improve the quality of his papers. Years of work and 30,000 Euros later, Mr. Brejoux has realized one of the most significant accomplishments in contemporary hand papermaking. This lecture describes the entire medieval stamper project and the unusual, multi-ply papers that result from beaten, 70-year old linen rags. The finished papers are coveted by conservators and artists internationally. Continue reading Medieval Hand Papermaker to lecture in SLC Oct 18th

Competencies for your staff

American Library Association Annual Conference–2008

Friday, June 27, 2008, 8:30 – 5:00 pm

Competencies for Your Staff: From Implementation to Integration  and Implementing a Staff Development Plan

 Summarized by: Safi S. M. Safiullah, Reference Librarian, The Salt Lake City Public Library System

The speakers discussed how to prepare a successful staff development day to train competent staff for the libraries. The staff is the foundation of the library; individuals need to improve their skills in technology and customer services in order to serve the public better. Therefore, it is important to measure their skills. The speakers discussed various methods for measuring skills. One of the methods was to organize a conversation café, either quarterly or bi-monthly, where staff will sit in a circle, get to know each other, exchange their knowledge through casual conversation, discuss issues with others, and propagate their success stories. Library management also can send a memo with a questionnaires or surveys to staff to assess their knowledge in various skills such as software packages, listening skills, telephone courtesy, and reference and customer services. The staff will have a chance to rate them as low, moderate or high in each category. Other assessment can also be done by interviewing individual staff, reviewing their performance plans, and observing their skills in the workplace. Continue reading Competencies for your staff

Website in a Box at the MPLA / ULA Conference

Small libraries frequently face quite a challenge when it comes to getting their library represented on the Web. Lack of technical skills (and the time to develop them!), lack of funds, and lack of certainty of how to begin are common barriers for many librarians trying to create a web presence for their libraries and their community. In 2007, the Utah State Library teamed up with BCR in an attempt to find a sustainable solution to this problem for the state’s many small libraries. Join us to discuss our approach to this common dilemma, to take a peek at some of the websites that came out of the project, and to hear from some of the librarians involved.

Come and hear Colleen Eggett of the Utah State Library, Shelly Drumm of BCR, and Public Library directors in Utah discuss this project. Location: Hilton Hotel in Salt Lake City UT, Lower Level Salon 1. See more about the conference: