Utah State Library for the Blind loses Radio Reading Service

Nostalgia washes through me about the Utah State Library for the Blind’s loss of their Radio Reading Service, effective April 2010.

Sure, it may be an outmoded idea, not really a 21st Century Idea.  And sure, the State of Utah has huge budget cuts and we need to keep a balanced budget. And sure, I support our Governor Herbert and our legislature on keeping a balanced budget. After all, we try to do that at home and it seems to be workin’.

I especially support USL admin for doing their homework and finding the least used service, since we can’t keep them all in these tight times. Hopefully one day we’ll be back to the days we had pre-recession. I’m all for that.

Moreover, many people may have given up the radio for something zestier like facebook, like twitter, like Salt Lake Tribune online, who has thoughtfully written an article about it.

But really….

I remember when Frank Layden (President of the Utah Jazz) used to come in and read for the radio. People loved that. They liked to listen in, hear his voice, feel his personality, his presence.

I remember when Gerald Lund donated his latest greatest book to be read to the blind. Right when it was sizzling hot off the press. He brought it right on over, didn’t waste a minute. People loved that too.

I remember when Governor Matheson spoke up for the blind patrons and one of them walked on over, slapped him [hard] on the back and said how much he loved him. Those were the days.

Maybe the time has come to give up sacred  (purple) cows, especially when the State Library is facing such huge budget cuts that we can’t even breathe in and out all day long, but always remember these words:purple cow

I never saw a purple cow
I never hope to see one;
but I can tell you anyhow;
I’d rather see than be one

–Gelett Burgess, 1895