Utah State Library for the Blind loses Radio Reading Service

Nostalgia washes through me about the Utah State Library for the Blind’s loss of their Radio Reading Service, effective April 2010.

Sure, it may be an outmoded idea, not really a 21st Century Idea.  And sure, the State of Utah has huge budget cuts and we need to keep a balanced budget. And sure, I support our Governor Herbert and our legislature on keeping a balanced budget. After all, we try to do that at home and it seems to be workin’.

I especially support USL admin for doing their homework and finding the least used service, since we can’t keep them all in these tight times. Hopefully one day we’ll be back to the days we had pre-recession. I’m all for that.

Moreover, many people may have given up the radio for something zestier like facebook, like twitter, like Salt Lake Tribune online, who has thoughtfully written an article about it.

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Build your audience like a virus experience

So I’m sitting here in “Build your audience like a virus” training presented by Victoria Rasmussen of UEN. She has some great ideas. She’s talking about the pros and cons of the different social medias like blogging, facebook, twitter, text messaging, youtube. I’m thinking about whether USL can use youtube to share some of the training experiences that we offer.
There’s another session of this training in Richfield next week. You can sign up on our website: http://library.utah.gov/workshops

Finding (Legally Safe) Music and Videos for Presentations, Blogs and Podcasts

Your library has been creating content for websites and blogs for years, and now it’s moving into adding sounds, songs and video. You know just what type of clip you want, but have an uneasy feeling about its copyright status. Do you have a right to use it? Is there podsafe content you can use?

This webinar helps you analyze the legal rights attached to sounds, songs and video you find online and offline. It will walk you through safer approaches to using audiovisual content you want to use to make your podcasts sing!

At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:

• Understand the concept of podsafe music and sounds

• Identify at least three good sources

• Be familiar with best practices in evaluating Fair Use when using video and audio

• Know what to ask for when requesting permission from copyright owners

This webinar is also of use to reference staff who field questions from the public about copyright issues.

Speaker: Mary Minow, attorney, consultant, and a former librarian and library trustee. Mary has taught library law at the San Jose State School of Library Science.  She was President on the board of CALTAC in 2002, the California Association of Library Trustees and Commissioners, and now serves as its Policy Analyst. Mary is the first recipient of the California Library Association’s Zoia Horn Intellectual Freedom Award, given in 2004.

Archived webinar: http://www.infopeople.org/training/webcasts/list/archived

Volunteers have been synonymous with libraries – but have things changed?

Volunteers in libraries have been a long standing tradition but recently my review of our policies and practices in this area, as well as a review of state law, have caused me to wonder if we are not balancing on the edge of a dangerous precipice.

State statute 67-20-1 deals with volunteers in government.  It seems to indicate that treating volunteers as a fun, casual opportunity that benefits the library is a thing of the past.  Volunteers have to be treated like employees.  The obligations and responsibilities are significant.  Here is the text of this statute for your consideration.

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

I just barely upgraded all the sites to WordPress 2.7.  The main advantage is that it will take you fewer clicks to do what you need to do. You will see that the menu bar, which was on top, is now down the left side.

Also, if there is an upgrade to something you are using on your site (a widget, a template), it will tell you and you can just click on the upgrade and do that yourself. It’s really easy.

We will have an online workshop on using WordPress 2.7 in Jan. Watch for it on our Workshops page.