This blog was started to facilitate the Website in a Box program, ran by Colleen Eggett of the Utah State Library. Shelly Drumm, then of BCR, developed the wordpress platform that all of the 15 public library websites used. She trained our public librarians how to put content onto their own websites, which Shelly and Colleen continued to help the librarians with. Now that Shelly has moved from BCR, Colleen helps the rural librarians with things they need, yet after 2.5 years of running their sites on their own, most are quite independent.

Once Website in a Box got past the beta stage, the blog has been used as a forum for discussion on library-related topics.

Colleen Eggett, Training Coordinator, Utah State Library
250 N 1950 W Suite A, Salt Lake City UT 84116
801-715-6776 ceggett@utah.gov